Hat / Lapel Pin – Sterling Silver


This hat and lapel pin is our latest addition to our Hole In My Heart Charm collection. It is handmade and fastens securely to clothing or hats with a well fitted clutch that attaches to the post.

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This handmade lapel pin was designed by my dad Jake for those dearly missing a a loved one. He wanted to offer something to men and pall bearers and his vision has come to fruition.

He creates all of our hand stamp charms and one night he came by with a round charm with a heart stamped onto it with a hole thru it. He said to me, “it’s for people like me with a hole in their heart missing a loved one everyday”.

I posted a pic of the charm on Facebook and Instagram and asked others what they thought of it. I had folks asking if they could drive to my house to buy one.

My dad begins the lengthy charm making process by stamping the heart and then punching a hole thru the heart. Next he stains the heart and gives it a thorough polishing. He then solders the post on the backside. It has a shiny polish and measures 5/8″ across. It comes with a clutch on the backside to hold it in place when pierced thru clothing.

***This lapel pin is handmade and this is a stock photo. The actual charm may have heart placed slightly higher on disc or hole on left side of heart. Just like our own hearts, they are perfectly imperfect.

Ships with a small polishing cloth, next business day 1st Class USPS Mail

This is stock picture & the disc might have slight variations or a different hole placement.


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Dimensions 58 in


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