FiddleFob Sensory Toy Stress Reliever Anxiety Lifter Spinner


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  • $55.00

    FiddleFobs are tactile chains with a variety of textures and shapes.

    Who uses FiddleFobs? The audience for FiddleFobs are adults experiencing Alzheimers or Dementia, who have restless hands or under anxiety or stress.  One gal told me she uses them while sitting in traffic.

    How do they work? The assortment of shapes and textures are meant to stimulate the hands and mind thru the sense of touch. Each FiddleFob has different beads, trinkets, a possible fishing lure or ring. Textures can be soft and smooth, lumpy, bumpy, wavy, furry, slick, hard, squishy or bendy.

    Each one is unique and one of a kind.

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  • $59.15

    The inspiration for this item came from my loved one. I noticed that she held onto my bracelet and played with it for a few hours. I wanted to offer her something more stimulating. I have a wide variety of beads and buckles in my workroom to choose from. I enjoy making them and no two are alike.

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