Dramatic Before & After Workspace Transformation

Check out this dramatic before & after workspace transformation.

Let there be light …. and less clutter … and sentimental items stored away … I began this project in November 2019 by clearing out sentimental items and getting rid of the big heavy desk. It doubled as my make up station and memento display case. I put all of my sentimental items in beautiful boxes in different categories like my mom, my kids, notecards etc. I gave the desk away. Next I went through my closets and organized what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give away. I hung all my clothing & coats by category on a rolling rack and measured how much hang space each needed. I counted my coats. My number is 28. ThIs new closet gave me an extra 36” of hang space. That’s awesome. I do ❤️ a coat and they didn’t make it into this closet. Greg Montoya from The Container Store listened to my needs and created the layout and design of the shelves the storage wall and the closet. I’m very happy with their Elfa product and his service. I highly recommend both.

The drawers along the wall are freestanding and they clip together. It was easy to move them to hang the artwork. I like how wide and deep they are. You can also get clear plastic organizing liners and jewelry trays to place inside them. I thought the design of the large drawers on the bottom were an unexpected design but I trusted the advice of the designers. I use them for large items like hats, bags and shipping supplies.

That 5 x 5’ draftsman’s desk was a bit hard to let go of. I loved it but it took up too much real estate in a 9’ x 13” room. So it went to my husbands shop and he is using it for his tools. I took my time sorting each drawer and each bead by color. I went through all of my supplies and got rid of what I didn’t need. It feels so good to be lighter in inventory. Thieves Flea Market was a perfect place to de stash these items. I didn’t have much luck finding a painter so I hired my son to do it and he did the heavy lifting but he got called into work so I completed it. I know that I’m too old to paint with a roller brush overhead on a vaulted ceiling but sometimes you just gotta get it done.  My friend Grace is a designer who also works for Home Depot. She has been giving me solid decorating advice for 11 years. She’s all about color and going vertical. We laid all my artwork out on the floor and she helped make this arrangement. The tall vase painting was painted by my Aunt Edna in the 1960s and the nursing Madonna was painted by my moms friend Charlotte in 1968 while her husband was in Vietnam. Both hung at my parents house my whole childhood so I am super proud and honored to hang them in my workspace.  Please leave your comments, questions or feedback. I’m open to receiving it.

xo, Leah

Valet bar that slides out so you can hang clothing options. It was Gregs’ idea. I use it & I love it.


Go Daddy commercials and print ads were filmed in this workspace April 2013. This was their FB banner for a month.


Anita Roman of FOX10 interviewing me about my recent trip to London before the royal wedding.

The London Love key chains necklace that is on the mannequin sold the following week. Thanks FOX10

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