Ruby Mae 2021 Year In Review

THANK YOU shoppers, clients and online community for all of your likes, comments, purchases and event attendance. Without all of you, Ruby Mae Jewelry would just be a hobby and not a growing small business.

There’s 7 ways to sell jewelry and I do 7/8. The 7 are: local events, own a website, online platforms like Etsy, brick & mortar, social media, wholesale, texting and consignment. I added texting to this official list as a number of my 1st time orders/requests come in this form.  Can you guess which method I don’t do? It’s have a brick & mortar store. I’m not interested in that at this time. When I first started I mostly sold during the holiday months Sept-April but now I sell items year round.

A number of local shoppers like to do a front porch pickup for last minute or time sensitive gifts. I’m always open to doing this for them. I’ve learned that shoppers like using Zelle & Venmo more then PayPal and they always appreciate a free small charm with their item.

This past year Ruby Mae saw online growth and sales, new shoppers and returning clients. In May I celebrated 10 years of Ruby Mae. For those who don’t know, Ruby was my maternal Grandmother & Patty Mae was my sweet mom.

The annual AZ State Button Society show returned in February after a year off due to Covid. I skipped the Tucson Gem show but I plan to attend both again this February. My first jewelry event of the year was in March at Thieves Flea Market at Big Surf in Tempe. Junk In the Trunk Vintage Market followed in April. My sister VintagebyJen was my booth partner at Junk and we had so much fun together that weekend.

Junk in the Trunk in September was a record breaking show for me and I can’t wait to be back in April. Thieves Flea Market in October & December were busy and the charm trays were very popular.

In July FOX10 Morning show sent reporter Desiree Fluellen to my home to do a segment on my business. I thought we were discussing my two new workroom remodels and I kept mentioning Home Depot and she kept asking about my jewelry. Either way it drew 200 people to my website and I had new sales. That’s always a good thing.

New items this year included lace bookmarks, 2021 Button Calendars and assorted earring designs.

I’m closing out 2021 having made more photo locket gifts than in years past. People are hurting and missing their loved ones and I totally get it. These are sad times and seeing a loved ones photo is comforting.

Having my dad Jake live with us has been wonderful for me. We get to chat daily and he always has sound advice for me. I always share the stories and feedback people tell me about how his Hole In My Heart charms personally touches them.

All our best to you and yours in 2022. Stay safe, check out the photos and thanks for following along. I appreciate you! -Leah

Workroom for my dad to create the Hole In My Heart charms. When asked about the wall color and curtains, he said “I don’t see feminine or masculine, just functional.” Upon walking in the first time, he said, “fantastic”.

Special order piece for Tiffany, named “August”. Worn on her special Valentines date with James.

Bridal Bouquet Charm for Lauren & Josh’s wedding. Each item hand picked by mom Claire.

At all of my shows I’m happy to share info for The Suzy Foundation, NOCC and Mitch’s Beads

After collecting many Arizona themed charms and such, it was time to make a bracelet. It sold to a beauty in the mid west who misses her Arizona.

Mom Holli handpicked all of these charms for her daughter.

This fun pooch necklace was chosen at the Junk In The Trunk show in September.

Victorian mourning buttons found at the bottom of a button filled metal picnic basket. These date to the mid-1800s and that is actually human hair. You can also find human hair in rings, brooches, lockets, and hair accessories. It was one way they kept their loved ones close to them.

Bridal bouquet charm picked at the September Junk in the Trunk. The bride’s mom hand picked some of these charms including the baby buggy with hopes for a new baby.

Freebie charms handed out at the recent Thieves Flea Market in Tempe.

New packaging for our Hole in the Heart charms.

With my booth partner & sister VintagebyJen. Annie of DragonFly Dreams made this skirt from my T-shirt collection

These typesetter trays filled with mix & match 5/$10 charms were very popular at the shows.

Meeting the kids who shop my space at Junk in the Trunk & Thieves Flea Market makes me so happy.

I sure appreciate return shoppers like Cori & the Maldonados


Bridal Bouquet Charms with custom photos.

Special order dog bone Hole in My Heart charm and bangle set.

With my fellow vendors & friends and the creators of Junk In The Trunk Coley and Lindsey

With my wonderful helpers at Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market

Tribute to women necklace at Thieves Flea Market

About Ruby Mae Jewelry

I'm Leah Williams and I adore fabulous buttons and brooches, chains and charms. I find it exciting to look into old tin cans passed down through the generations. They hold buttons and hardware removed from all types of garments. I reuse old buttons and it connects me to men and women that I'll never get to meet. I leave the original thread on a button. I'm inspired to create something new from something that was forgotten. I love, love, love it.