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Ruby Mae 2021 Year In Review

THANK YOU shoppers, clients and online community for all of your likes, comments, purchases and event attendance. Without all of you, Ruby Mae Jewelry would just be a hobby and not a growing small business. There’s 7 ways to sell jewelry and I do 7/8. The 7 are: local events, own a website, online platforms like Etsy, brick & .

* 2 Milestones This Week

Guess what…we had two big Ruby Mae Jewelry milestones this week. 1st Milestone…Ruby Mae is now officially trademarked thru the US Department of Patents & Licenses. This was a 9 month process for me & I’m so glad I listened to my advisors & went for it. Someday when Macy’s or Nordstroms wants to buy my brand, I’ll be .

* Jewelry Photography

I rely on my photography to tell the story of my jewelry. Extreme close ups show off the tiny treasures I attach to each piece. You might be shocked to learn I’ve used my iPhone 4 to shoot 90% of my pics. Maybe you won’t be. For me it was all about convenience. I could shoot the pic & .

* Twitter Breakdown

“Twitter puts your face & business in front of infuential people who would never see you otherwise”.  This is the sage advice from my social media director Bev Lefebvre of One Less Hat and I’ve taken it to heart. Plus, it’s free advertising & networking. It helps if you have a smart phone so you can post on the fly. I use .

* Ruby Mae on Fox10

In June Dad & I were featured on the Fox10 Morning Show with Kristen Anderson. It was a great experience & I only choked up once. Whew! Next time I’ll sit more lady like but for the most part I’m really happy with it. The bummer is that I didn’t download it to a dvd & it’s no longer available for viewing. Crikey, .

* Ruby Mae Media

It was an exciting media week for Ruby Mae Jewelry. What a difference good advice makes. With the guidance of a fantastic social media consultant, Bev Lefebvre, I now know the proper format for a press release, signature line & email etiquette. We reconnected after 20+ years thanks to Facebook. After our second meeting, I had a smile on my face, so excited .