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Dimes Were Hard to Come By ebook Photos

Dimes Were Hard to Come By ebook Photos

These photos are from the 1st Edition hand bound copy of “Dimes Were Hard To Come By” written and published by my folks Patty & Jake Jacobson. I’m sorry I could not include page numbers but the two books don’t have corresponding page & picture numbers. The photos are in order and I tried to include a bit of .

* Dad’s Willie Bracelet

When my dad Jake was an Air Force flight instructor in the 1960’s, I’m sure he never thought that someday he’d be creating custom jewelry items & attending button conventions with his eldest daughter Leah. But he does & he has & his latest idea is stellar. While spending the afternoon together recently, we watched a Willie Nelson concert on .

* Dad’s Latest Idea

My  dad delights in building me things that save me time & keep me organized. Whenever I make jewelry, I typically dump the bags of jump rings onto my work station & then have to hunt around for the right size every time I need one. This mess drives him batty so he dreamt up a jump ring organizer.The idea behind this organizer .