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Button Ponytail Holders

These ButtonUp ponytail holders are super simple to make and can be a great gift. Tie them onto your cell phone or electrical cables to keep them organized.

Suggestion: Select pretty buttons with large shanks on the backside. Shanks are the loops or hooks on the back of buttons.

Supplies Needed: Waxed Dental Floss, (waxed works best), ponytail holders from any store, buttons with shanks on the backside


1: Cut a strip of dental floss about 4″ long.

2. Put the floss thru the ponytail holder & then gather the two ends together.

3. Next, thread the floss & ponytail holder thru the shank on the backside of a button.

4. Pull the ponytail holder thru about a third of the way.

5. Discard the dental floss, you’re done with it.

6. Pull the large end of the pony loop thru the smaller end and keep pulling until it is tight.

7. Voila, you have a ButtonUp.

About Ruby Mae Jewelry

I'm Leah Williams and I adore fabulous buttons and brooches, chains and charms. I find it exciting to look into old tin cans passed down through the generations. They hold buttons and hardware removed from all types of garments. I reuse old buttons and it connects me to men and women that I'll never get to meet. I leave the original thread on a button. I'm inspired to create something new from something that was forgotten. I love, love, love it.

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