* My Wing Women

How do I describe my wing women?

Well they are the ones lifting me up, giving me  feedback and opinions and advice and have been there for me in many ways.

Amanda & Jen, Jeni, Michelle, Robin,Gigi, Ari, Kay,Shauna, Vickie & Cathi. Sometimes the truth hurts. I always try & listen to their feedback. They are usually right.

I’ve had to thicken my skin. The first 4 I listed told me my original jewelry bags were hideous. What was I thinking. They were so grandma. I had tried to be creative and I used expensive fabric samples  and paid someone to sew them with lace attached. Sometimes you need many opinions. They were going in a garage sale until Shauna of Jam told me to sell them because other people might like them. She was right. They have been selling.

Some of these women find buttons for me or sometimes remove them from their old clothes. They make suggestions  and shop for me. Jeni helped me process my orders at home shows. Amanda takes me out on Thursdays exploring for bits of this and that.Jen is all over my etsy account working to improve it. So many details, so many supportive women.I really believe if you’re going to start your own small business, you absolutely neeed wing women at your side.