* Dad’s Latest Idea

My  dad delights in building me things that save me time & keep me organized.

Whenever I make jewelry, I typically dump the bags of jump rings onto my work station & then have to hunt around for the right size every time I need one. This mess drives him batty so he dreamt up a jump ring organizer.The idea behind this organizer is that I thread jump rings onto it with the stick & then load up the dowels with the rings.

Because I keep tools in both hands, I’ll be able to remove the rings one at a time as needed.

Notice how he drilled a hole to store the stick? I think the stick needs a sharper point for scooping up rings but he thought I might hurt myself if I had one. HeeHee

After loading it with rings, I realize the second dowel is too thick for the jump rings it’s meant for.

We realized it would be nice to attach/detach it from my bracelet building tool aka Jake’s

Tool so it would be more portable & less likely to break in transit to my events.

He wants to make me four, one for each of the color jump rings I use.

After living with us on and off for 7 months, today he moved back home to Kearney. His leaving makes me blue. 

I LOVE having him around. Next time he comes over he’ll bring the improved version as well as new ideas he has for me.

This afternoon I made a pot of chili to send home with him & I said, “text me when you get there”. Not all dads

text & build things for their kids, so I completely realize how lucky I am.

Love you dad. Always have, always will.

xoxo your Leah Ladybug


About Ruby Mae Jewelry

I'm Leah Williams and I adore fabulous buttons and brooches, chains and charms. I find it exciting to look into old tin cans passed down through the generations. They hold buttons and hardware removed from all types of garments. I reuse old buttons and it connects me to men and women that I'll never get to meet. I leave the original thread on a button. I'm inspired to create something new from something that was forgotten. I love, love, love it.