* Go Daddy Picks Me

Hello everyone,
Well I’m proud as punch to announce that Go Daddy, the well known website hosting company, has selected me & 3 other small business for their upcoming video campaigns.

They are not quite sure how they will use our videos yet but most likely we will be on their website & maybe in print media. 

A video crew of 10 came to my home last Sunday and they filmed me all day. We had 3 different camera set ups & it was quite exciting. 

Go Daddy hosts my website and I’m very pro Go Daddy so it felt very natural to me to share my positive experiences about them on camera.

My good friend Michelle suggested I get help selecting my wardrobe so I went to Dillards, Macy’s & Nordstroms. It was time consuming but I’m so glad I did it.

I will be sure to share with you when the videos come out. Here’s a few pics. 

With my Go Daddy producer Billy

2 of my setups

I kept saying, tease it higher Debbie Verver, Hair & MUA
This specific light put a twinkle in my eyes – it’s called an Obie light
Thanks for letting me share my BIG news with you. Hope you have a wonderful week.
Btw, there are 2 spots left for my Button 101 Class next Sunday May 5th @ JAM in Scottsdale.
Email me if you’re interested. leah@rubymaejewelry.com


About Ruby Mae Jewelry

I'm Leah Williams and I adore fabulous buttons and brooches, chains and charms. I find it exciting to look into old tin cans passed down through the generations. They hold buttons and hardware removed from all types of garments. I reuse old buttons and it connects me to men and women that I'll never get to meet. I leave the original thread on a button. I'm inspired to create something new from something that was forgotten. I love, love, love it.

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