* Announcing 2nd Retail Location @ Coco Milano’s

Well I'm proud to announce that Ruby Mae Jewelry is now in it's second retail location. It's pretty exciting to have my pieces at Coco Milano's in east Mesa as well as Jam in Scottsdale.

Cathi, Denise & the staff were so friendly and welcoming my first visit there last week. I took a lot of my creations in & Denise thought they were darling. Cathi & Amanda thought my cupcake pans were a clever way to transport my bracelets. They liked the pieces too. Selections were made & then they said don't worry, we'll display it for you.

Well, I was blown away with what they did with my jewelry, charms, ponytail holders & cloth jewelry bags. I LOVE it!!!

They framed my personal story & I my first sale was the next day. Love that. 

When you walk into Coco Milano's, you're hit with an extensive selection of elegant & unique items for yourself, your home or for gift giving. I couldn't resist buying this blue leather flower & I put it on immediately, just like a lil kid who needs their candy after their mom buys it for them.

And, I just had to treat myself to one of these beautiful tiles as a mother's day gift to myself from my boys. I knew they would want me to save them the time  & trouble of going there themselves. heehee  I changed the words to, There are these boys, They stole my heart, They call me Mom.

The artist who makes these has an amazing personal story and she does custom work and can modify the sayings to what is best suited for you.

If you pop in, tell them I said hello. 

Coco Milano's is located on the north east corner of Power & McDowell

Check out their website, it's pretty impressive.