* RMJ Home Shows

It's easy to host a Ruby Mae Jewelry home show. My sister Jen held one yesterday and it went well. I really love these small,  intimate parties.It's an open house for a couple of hours and I'm always amazed at what people bring from home and what they create from my items. Jen's  lovely mom in law Nancy chose .

* My Wing Women

How do I describe my wing women? Well they are the ones lifting me up, giving me  feedback and opinions and advice and have been there for me in many ways. Amanda & Jen, Jeni, Michelle, Robin,Gigi, Ari, Kay,Shauna, Vickie & Cathi. Sometimes the truth hurts. I always try & listen to their feedback. They are usually right. I’ve had to thicken my skin. The first .

* RMJ Timeline

I’ve learned starting a small business is a series of steps. Here is my timeline March 26, 2011 I spot 4 hole button bracelets at a street fair. I’m not interested in the plastic buttons but I like the concept of it March 29th I get my hair cut by Gigi and go to my favorite vintage store, Cheap .