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* Twitter Breakdown

“Twitter puts your face & business in front of infuential people who would never see you otherwise”.  This is the sage advice from my social media director Bev Lefebvre of One Less Hat and I’ve taken it to heart. Plus, it’s free advertising & networking. It helps if you have a smart phone so you can post on the fly. I use .

* Ruby Mae Media

It was an exciting media week for Ruby Mae Jewelry. What a difference good advice makes. With the guidance of a fantastic social media consultant, Bev Lefebvre, I now know the proper format for a press release, signature line & email etiquette. We reconnected after 20+ years thanks to Facebook. After our second meeting, I had a smile on my face, so excited .

* Embracing Social Media

I  have to say, the fact that I participate in social media is a plus for my small business. I enjoy Facebook and am getting educated on Twitter. Getting a personal response or retweet is so much fun. Ruby Gettinger (@RubyGettinger) , a reality TV personality & real life motivator was the 2nd person to follow me on Twitter. I'm sure her people found me because of the Ruby .