* Twitter Breakdown

“Twitter puts your face & business in front of infuential people who would never see you otherwise”.  This is the sage advice from my social media director Bev Lefebvre of One Less Hat and I’ve taken it to heart. Plus, it’s free advertising & networking.

It helps if you have a smart phone so you can post on the fly. I use an iphone.

If you hate social media and don’t get it, my guess is you’ll ignore twitter. It moves quickly and looks confusing but it really isn’t. If I can learn it you can learn it. The trick is respecting it for all that it can do for you and your business. If people learn a foreign language, they can learn social media.

OR, hire or barter w/ a social media director to get yourself in the twitter/social media arena. Try it for 6 months & see what you think. I’ve had incresed traffic to my website & website sales are up.

I’ve been on it since May & I’ve had interactions w/ Nina Garcia from Project Runway, comedienne Amy Schumer, reality star Ruby Gettinger, local tv hosts Kaley O’Kelley, Tess Shannon, Carey Pena, Andi Barness, Katie Ramyl, and others. The categories for connections are endless.

It’s fun interacting with them and a thrill when people find you and follow you.

I suggest you link your facebook business page so that everytime you post something new on facebook, it automatically dumps on your twitter account. Same goes for Instagrm, a picture sharing social media site. You Do Not want your personal fb posts landing on your twitter business account & you don’t want your twitter posts landing on fb. I say it’s a one way street with facebook business page & instagram only going to twitter.

Twitter baics video http://www.lynda.com/Twitter-tutorials/Twitter-Essential-Training/61687-2.html?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Search-Biz-Twitter&utm_content=o2WxblZq&utm_term=Twitter%20Basics

How to add twitter to facebook fan page account  http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=adding+facebook+fan+page+to+twitter+account&view=detail&mid=931B31AC32ED451F1812931B31AC32ED451F1812&first=0&qpvt=adding+facebook+fan+page+to+twitter+account

How to add twitter icon to facebook fan page http://www.thevirtualasst.com/add-the-twitter-icon-to-your-facebook-fan-page

This is my twitter home page and a sample of my tweets.

I spend at least 3 hours a day on social media. I love it so it suits me. If you don’t have that kind of time or desire, consider getting someone to help you. There’s lots of great social media directors out there.

Good luck! Let’s tweet @rubymaejewelry on twitter

About Ruby Mae Jewelry

I'm Leah Williams and I adore fabulous buttons and brooches, chains and charms. I find it exciting to look into old tin cans passed down through the generations. They hold buttons and hardware removed from all types of garments. I reuse old buttons and it connects me to men and women that I'll never get to meet. I leave the original thread on a button. I'm inspired to create something new from something that was forgotten. I love, love, love it.